So this is the new year.

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So this is the New Year.

Two Scotsmen were laughing about charging $40 dollars for enough toilet paper to clean your ass, down near the edge of ones property, above a small hollow.

There had been a moment when One realized he owned where the Other was.

The One thought about it and laughed.

He left his Mama and her braids and went to meet his neighbor.

They were behind some fairly large boulders. Behind and a little below. Laughing as one waved the toilet paper.

They were startled to hear crashing sounds
to their left.

Suddenly a hugh buck lept through the brush
and leapt over the two boulders..

They caught a quick flash of his magnificaent rack at the peak of his leap.

At that instant, an arrow transfixed the buck right behind his shoulder, sinking deep with a great thud. The buck crashed to the ground, actually pushed sideways a bit by the force of the strike.

The two men jumped as a single creature on the buck as he thrashed.

At that moment, a phone rang … As I woke up, looking around, I reached
over and picked it up.

It was Dave.

Sitting up I asked "Oh Hi Dave." "What
the fuck time is it

"Oh, I don’t know,
around eleven I think."

rain up there?"

digging Gurnville out of the mud. Our power was out."

float turds in the winter?"

yeah, doesn’t even make the paper anymore."

"Huh, so how are you doing?
Still on the Job?"

"Oh yeah, I got another
3 mo. The papers to extend are in but who knows how that comes out."

"Cool, so whats up. "

"Oh nothing much just called to wish you
a happy New Year."

"Hey, Happy New Year man good
to hear from you."

"Talk to you later,


I didn’t get back to sleep for a long time. Never did find out how it came out for the Scots.