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Jusuz! wat a day!

Still working on the Spamthingie - got a little sidetracked today- all in a good cause.

I needed to check out exactly how cgi-bin was going to like my ‘Bot scripts.

I started - just implement responding to a form.

Whoh! gotta have a server running.
ok set up M$ IIs - sucked, didn’t work, - but I know it does if you get all the permissions and paths right.

So anyway I’m hacking away and getting no where.
BlueHairDave dropped in.

Damn- I can’t find his pic from when we were at controlnet.
This old story about Vickie though.

Here goddamitt! Vickie!

said "that shit’s not worth fucking with.
I gave him the seat and stepped aside.
He deleted the M$ crap, and installed another server, in about the time I’m taking to type this.
(God I hate these fucking kids, I remember having it together! but thats another story.)

So, any way, in between times, I managed to do a new version of the PhpAntiSpamBot and started debugging.
not running yet but built to plan this time.

When this works I’ll gain 2X speed, 1/10 the bandwidth use.
Cool huh?

So I’m still hacking at getting the example form & example cgi working.
I think I’ll have some wine and kick back for a while.


Hi Ya, Baby
Mean Roy’s back
I Suffered briefly,
from a Soft Attack,
I’ll make my heart,
just cold and hard,
Won’t be no friends
In my back yard.

Copyright 1997, Roy Kelsey.


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