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I’ve had to add a term to the RegEx every two weeks or so. Just got "Mastering Regular Expressions" I haven’t tried to implement the Moin expressions.

One) want to minimise the bandwidth. Thus, run faster, thus be a RealProgrammer, thus be Hated and Reviled. Oh Well.
Two) Haven’t figured out how yet. ROFLMAO!

WikiSpam sure sucks!

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It’s local build a bot day.

I’m going to have to do another BotScript to clean the NV|U Wiki.

The spammers have created 431 pages. Fortunately I can delete them in PmWiki, though the pages will still be on the disk.

I don’t think it will be too bad, now that I’ve made one work.
I have to incorporate more sophisticated techniques into the basic Bot running on C-C.

Can’t talk about it here and Chong has been down for a while. Might be back up, I need to check.
Cooked tonite. Came out good, the Gaspacho was esp. nice because it was hot and muggy
today. ( Oh yes, the Gaspacho, of course. The weather dummy.)