The fickle finger of fate

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So I picked up a small job adding some buttons to a form to calculate area and display the result in dollars and cents.

OK, no big deal.

  1. Just as I was finishing, monitor dies in the middle of an editing session.

  2. DSL provider (new) tells me I have to activate NOW or I’m in danger of losing $200. Do not pass go.

  3. Can’t shut down computer or the Wiki AntiSpamBot won’t.

  4. Mail client gives up and won’t send mail???

  5. Apparently I’ve developed "Mouse Shoulder" because the KB is too high.

  6. Forgot about Thanksgiving coming up, oops, guess I’ll miss some time. Oh well, I can still get some time in on it.

  7. The oven, after working perfectly the night before, decides it’s going to stay on all the time.

  8. I buy an oven thermometer and spend 4 hours manually cycleing the oven on and off to control the heat. No programming.

It actually only took all of friday (14hrs) to fix everything but still!
The turkey came out perfect BTW.

Well shoot! I ran across a reference to HungarianNotation
on the thedailywtf and just HAD to check it out. 3 hours later I have 9 tabs open in 2 windows, having closed a bunch and find this gem on TheProgrammersStone beginning:
"Then the similarity between creative engineers and children diagnosed as ADHD …"

Enough, I need another cup of coffee.