Spagetti and other meals.

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Nothing Dear, just kidding.

Jo Hendricks-Jansen, an admirably creative and intelligent lady, has her tutorials up again at TheEccentricGnat which is a distinct boon to those of us who lack her organizational skills.

As for me, I’m extremely frustrated! I’ve been using NV|U since it came out and for a time substantial progress was made at improving it. The CSS editor, CaScadeS, OTOH, I’ve come to believe should be discarded and a fresh start made.

This may seem harsh but nothing’s been done to make it usable for quite some time. I am unable to make the damn thing work Pecularly, the style changes appear visably in the normal view, but but the style code doesn’t appear in the source view, and when you browse the created page, don’t show.

This is a ridiculous situation. Apparently no-ones working on it at all.

I’ve been refering to Jo’s tutorials as well as The 15 minute Guide to CaScadeS and everything else I can find but it hasn’t worked yet.

I’ll update this when I find out more.